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tv   [untitled]    April 16, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> for the meeting will come to order. good afternoon. this is the monday, april 16, 2012 meeting of the land use and economic develop committee for the san francisco board of supervisors. my name is eric mar, chair of the committee. tamara is malia cohen. to my left is supervisor scott wiener. our clerk is ms. alisa miller. >> please silence all cell phones and electronic devices. documents should be submitted to the creek bottoms acted upon it will appear on april 24 board of supervisors agenda less inert -- otherwise stated. supervisor mar: thank you. in the two items. >> item number one, ordinance amending the sidewalk with of golden gate avenue and redwood
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valley. >> i do not have a presentation. actually, this is the location for the new puc headquarters building. 525 building gate. -- 525 golden gate. it was a suggestion from staff members at dpw, we were requested to widened sidewalks to improve pedestrian safety. we also included the pg&e vault underneath the sidewalk. we do not wanted encroaching into the street. on redwood and polk street supervisor mar: street mar read what is the alley between mcallister and turk? >> yes. if you have questions, i am
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available. >> si no questions, let's open this up for public comment. is there anyone from the public who would like to speak? please come forward. it is a maximum of three minutes. you'll hear a tone 30 seconds before your time is up. >> good afternoon. my name is douglas yep and i have lived in san francisco for 60 years. i would like to speak in favor of this ordinance. i do what that blog very often, going to the federal building some -- so i think it does need a wider with. -- a wider width. since we're dealing with economic development, i would like to make a suggestion of candlestick park, we can use it for the benefit of the bayview community. we should consider that in a future hearing before this committee. thank you. supervisor mar: thank you. is there anyone else a with like to speak. seeing none, public comment is
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closed. can we move this forward with a positive recommendation without objection? thank you. >> item number two, resolution approving the six months the designation of two temporary selling spaces on market street for street artists. supervisor mar: from the san francisco art commission, howard lazar. >> we are here for six spaces. supervisor mar: we only have the second item, which is on market street north side, spear to stuart st.. >> yes, but we should have six spaces. supervisor mar: yes, but this is just item number two. i have to -- >> this is our 40th year in existence. on june 30, a saturday, we will be celebrating our 40th anniversary at justin herman plaza, adjacent to the sidewalk that i am talking about right
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here. if you can picture the sidewalk, that is the north sidewalk of market street at stuart, which is a dead-end, and spear street. in 1987, the board of supervisors awarded our program eight spaces west of where we are proposing, and then in 2009, the board awarded nine spaces east of where we are proposing. so with these six spaces, that would fill in the gap right there. as you know, it is an enormously wide sidewalk. you can very easily contained these six spaces. what is the reason for it? well, the justin herman plaza is so popular for the street cards. they have a lottery there every morning at 6:00 a.m. typically, you make about 150 artists show up for 70 spaces.
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so the rest, if they do not go elsewhere in the city, they will go on the sidewalk, already in the spaces that are there. and this would add six more spaces which would siphon off the number even better. and i would be very happy to answer any questions you may have. also, a main point want to make is at this time we're asking that these spaces before a six- month designation, to see whether or not they will work out, whether or not there would cause any problems. pedestrian or otherwise. and if there are no problems, we would like to come back in six months before you and ask that their term be extended. supervisor mar: i see no questions from colleagues. i was just going to say it looks like it is adding a number of spaces along worthy -- where the hyatt regency sidewalk is,
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to fill in the permanent space is. but it is like filling in an area so there is even more of a walkable string of different small merchants that are there. >> that is right. supervisor mar: ok, let's open this up for public comment. please come forward. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i have been in the street artist program cents a 1974. this being our 40th anniversary, we do have spaces all over the city. as the years go on, some of the space is a more viable than others. and some that used to be great are no longer as good. so this area of justin herman plaza, where we have this beautiful arts and crafts market, is important to add this string of spaces. supervisor mar: you're like 38 years. >> this is my 39th summer. i was not there right at the beginning, but i have been there throughout. the neighborhood there has about three or four cafes.
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there are no retail shops there, so there's no opposition from anybody. in fact, we forget -- we frequent the cafes, and we are good customers. some of the area there is sort of a panhandlers row, and when we're selling in that area, of course our booths are up, and that leaves little room for them. so actually we're quite popular among the merchants there. this is a nice extension of our arts and crafts market, and it is very popular among the street artists. so please consider this. thank you very much. supervisor mar: can i ask you when the occupy sf when shearing the area -- how did that impact the smaller merchants? >> it was pretty difficult. at first there were some very serious folks there in the occupy movement. pretty soon, it devolved into a homeless camp. of course, sanitation was a very large problem. we had a lot of problems with
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people sort of wandering through at all times of the day. it was pretty destructive to both us and our neighbors in the stores. when it was finally cleaned up and moved out, we were very happy. although most of us do agree with the philosophy of the occupy folks. the people that ultimately joined them or more of a problem than a solution to the philosophy. so we appreciate what happened ultimately in the end. but of course we think is important. thank you so much. supervisor mar: thank you. is there anyone else who would like to speak? >> good afternoon, supervisors. i have been a street artist for about 25 years. i just wanted to say with a few more spaces, they will help about 150 people try to make a living out of that area. we need to get a space, and it
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is a big number for us. so i hope you consider it for us. thank you. supervisor mar: thank you so much. is there anyone else who would like to speak? seeing none, public comment is closed. can we move this forward with a positive present that on -- recommendation without objection? >> there is an error in the title this is two selling spaces, but in the body it should be six. so we need to amended on page 1, 3. supervisor mar: i move that we make that amendment in the number, and thank you for bringing that to our attention, mr. lazar, as well. can we take that a minute? thank you. can we move this forward without objection? our city attorney is advising that it does not require continuing. so we're moving this forward with a positive recommendation without objection. thank you. is there any other business before us? >> no, that is it.
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supervisor mar: thank you, everyone. meeting adjourned. >> i am a vice chancellor at city college. on behalf of our chancellor, i want to welcome all of you here. friday eauals successful college opportunity.
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city college wants to you. we want you to come here. we know he will succeed here. we will do everything we can to support you. we believe in you. you are going to hear from some leaders today that are going to be examples of what lies ahead of you, and the faith we have in you. i would like to introduce a dean from city college who has been the person in charge of putting this whole event together. i want you to listen to this story that she is about to tell you. >> good morning. i see many students. we have 1000 students from san francisco unified school district. i see many of you at the end of the resource fair, please join us.
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we have the mayor here, the superintendent, and executives from microsoft. we are giving away two laptops today. i would like to welcome you to this very important day. it is the second annual feco day. i would like to tell you more about myself. i was the first in my family to go to college. how many of you would be the first person in your family to go to college? ok. the reason why i decided to go to college is because my mother emigrated here from mexico. she cleaned houses for her whole life. when i was in high school, my mother would make me get up at 4:00 in the morning to clean all local bars.
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she would bring me with her to demonstrate a lesson that ended up changing the trajectory of my life. when i would first but work with my mother, she would immediately send me to clean the toilets. there was a lesson behind that. that lesson derives from this custom. do you want to clean toilets for the rest of your life? it gets an education. in the discussion. i knew that getting up before clock was not my destiny. by being a high school student in the united states, i was light years ahead of my mother's nonexistent education in mexico. when my mother said, get an education, she meant finish high school. or was there more? my friends were not discussing any plans beyond a high school.
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is anyone here planning to go to college? this is the first step, right? you are here because you're planning to come to city college. you need to stay with that goal and you need to stick to it. the reason why that is important is because for me and my family, my mom would be to get a high- school diploma. that was beyond what she had experienced. a high-school diploma is no longer enough. it is very important that you get your degree or you get your certificates. it is absolutely necessary in today's economy, and especially in san francisco. by the time you leave college, and around the age of 22, it is projected that 63% of the jobs will require a college degree. that means a majority of you
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need a degree, especially to stay in this wonderful city of san francisco. you need a college degree or a certificate. that is why i decided to get my college degree. it was not only getting my ticket out of cleaning toilets, but it was my ticket out of poverty. my mom could not help me to tell me how to get to college. that is what today is about. we are here to support you, help you understand how to best transition out of high school into college successfully. we need to to take advantage of this day. visit their resources affair. we have workshops happening all day long. all designed to kill to get motivated about attending college -- all designed to help you get motivated about attending college. thank you so much for being here today. we are so happy to have you.
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we are proud that you are here. we're proud that you will all continue your education. thank you so much. [applause] it gives me great pleasure to introduce another staunch supporter of this effort and a major giants fan. welcome the mayor of san francisco. give him a warm welcome. [applause] >> thank you for sharing such a wonderful story of success. welcome to the second -- welcome to opening day for the giants. all right. i will be very short. i wanted to let you know that all of you are here enjoying the resources that have been created. they have been thinking about, how do we help you be successful? how do we help you get focused?
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all other resources today you'll also see on the various campuses of college to assist you in making sure that you complete your focus. guess what. today, you are joining the $1 million club. and that is the difference in income between those who got a college degree and those who do not in their career path. a million-dollar said. with your focus -- a million dollars. you take advantage of the resources here and you never allow yourself to think that you are isolated, that you have no friends to turn to, no help. i am on a stage full of people who are willing to help you succeed. i will spend every day as the mayor of making sure that i helped create the environment in
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the city so that when you graduate, how many of you want to work out a zynga, twitter, at some of the most technologically advanced companies in the city that is the innovation capital of the world? you can only get the best paying jobs in our city if you focus on your college degree. and then you'll have a great chance of these jobs. i want you there when i visit twitter and the 250 other companies starting here in san francisco. they will be great jobs. or you can be part of the health-care industry. or you can be part of the tourism industry. i think you know the secret. that is why you are here.
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you are seeking those resources out. microsoft, unified school district, nonprofits all working together to create and sustain your focus. please take advantage of it. i want to thank the bill and melinda gates foundation. with everybody that is focused on your success. when you are successful, the city will be that much more successful. that is why we worked in government, for you. make sure you join the million dollar club. make sure you focus. take advantage. the number-one thing, when you are confronted with something distract you from completing your education, family challenges, the french it
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challenges, as academic challenges, -- french shriendsh challenges, academic challenges, we are there for you. thank you for joining us. [applause] i want to introduce someone who has been at my side, not only fighting for success, but creating and helping to manage and contain that achievement gap. carlos garcia. thank you. >> good morning. it is exciting to be here. i remember about five years ago, we were talking about doing something like this. all of the people who worked together, we all got together and we were dreaming about
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creating something that would guarantee every student in san francisco wanted to go to college, to have that opportunity. and we have done it, folks. if there's anybody who does not want to go to college, you are making a bad decision. there are no excuses of why you cannot gynecologist. -- there are those cases of what you cannot go to college. we do not want any excuses of what you cannot make it to city college. they opened up the door, giving your first priority to register. the chancellor did a great job for us. anybody who wants to come who goes to san francisco unified school district, the doors are open first for them. here is your chance, there are no excuses. it is easy to say you cannot pay
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for it, all the different reasons. there is an answer and a way to do it if you what to do it. people like myself, people like richard, we had no chance of going to college. we did not think we could ever get there. i grow up only speaking spanish. i had to learn english. i worked in factories. we are up here. we are the superintendent of these great school districts. you have to want to do it. this is the first stop of the rest of your life. go out and ask a bunch of questions. in the fall, we want to see every single one of you in a college classroom. are you going to be here? yes, you are going to make it. together, we will have a better place. what the mayor forgot to tell
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you, and i am surprised, one of the things we are requiring people to open the businesses here, and they have to hire local people. they have to hire you. you have to be ready to get the jobs. if you get training at city college and at the university, you will be qualified for those jobs. do not let that slide. you'll be happy with what you do. have a great day. [applause] >> carlitz, thank you for reminding me about that. -- carlos, thank you for reminding me about that. how many of you want a summer job? make some money? a paid internship. we joined 25 companies and 25
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department heads. we are creating 5000 summer jobs for youth this summer, paid internships. we started that yesterday. before you get out of school, a sign up with this city. asked how you can sign up for the summer internships. they are starting this summer for you. so you get a good head start. 5000 summer jobs. how many of you are 16 -- between 16 and 24? those jobs are for you. make sure you pay attention. [applause] >> i want to introduce someone from microsoft. you'll want to listen very closely.
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he is the strategic alliance manager for education at microsoft. brian. [applause] >> i am honored to be here representing microsoft and our involvement with this on -- a wonderful event. microsoft is focused on providing all students like yourselves, regardless of your location or socioeconomic status, with the necessary tools and skills you need to succeed to be successful and productive citizens within the 21st century. an integral part of this commitment is helping individuals develop the skills they will need to navigate a world and work place which is undefined. it is technologically advanced and it is growing more competitive day-by-day. if students like yourselves are going to compete successfully,
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60% of those jobs 10 years from now do not even exist today, we must provide you with the foundation you need to become lifelong learners. skills such as communication and collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, these are the fundamental components that will enable you to be a lifelong learner. i am pleased to announce that microsoft is donating more than $22,000 towards laptops such as these. to support the students that are enrolled in city college's summer programs. each student that successfully graduates this wonderful program grow received a laptop fully equipped with the software you need to be productive in realizing their full potential as you continue your education. this is our way of thanking you for making a personal commitment to your journey and becoming a
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lifelong learner. this donation at supports microsoft goal of bringing together people, passion, and technology, to encourage and to empower local youth to carry a bright future for the city of san francisco. sharing this mission are my fellow colleagues who volunteered to make this a commitment. i would like to ask each of you to help me thank them. good luck, and thank you. [applause] >> i want to think microsoft for donating 50 laptops. two of them will be given away today. the dean will explain how he will have a chance to win those laptops. i want to remind everyone that this is an event that is part of your school day. it goes until 3:00.
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we expect everybody to stay here and participate. please do not leave the campus. there is no reason for you to go across the street. unless you do one of our workshops. please stay here, it gets involved, we have wonderful workshops. our last speaker is a student. i want her to come up and tell you her story from distant perspective. [applause] -- from the student's perspective. [applause] >> good morning. my name is karen. i grew up in the mission, i went to george washington high school. [applause] i am currently a freshman do in my pre requisite to transfer to dominican to become a nurse. i think many of you can relate
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in that i did not take my freshman or sophomore year seriously. i came into high school thinking i was cool and i wanted to have fun. by the time senior year rolls around and applications were due, city college was my only option. but you know what, it has been an amazing experience. the teachers are incredible and i know what they are doing. i love my glasses. another thing that helped -- i love my class is. another thing that helped was the support system. i did a summer program. they provided a coach for my first year. i am very much in contact with. i got prior to registration, and they walked me through picking my glasses -- priority registration, and walked me through picking my class says. at the end of the program, i


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